Under a tropical sky bridging the cultures of Spain, the Middle East and South America, Keren Yoshua was born and has lived. With a fiery passion that has erupted from her classical beginnings to the color and shapes and inspiration of the political and social unrest of Venezuela Keren has found her true calling in the concept of Artizan. With her finger on the pulse of fashion, marrying unexpected materials such as precious stones, reclaimed wood and antiques, leathers and metals Keren fuses creativity into bold perfection. Transporting the simple into thoughtful and exquisite fashion statements, each of the pieces blends hand made, traditional techniques with innovative, detailed experiments in design and silhouette. Artizan’s artists work to perfect the perfect fashion statement. Since 2009 Keren Yoshua, creative director Artizan, has led the team of dedicated, master craftspeople to make fashion as opposed to follow fashion. Their object is to create with a purist vision the most modern and fashion forward artisan jewelry in the world today. The label has been featured on the covers and in the pages of many international magazines.