ARTIZAN INTERVIEW by @vanibeautytips

When and how did you start Artizan?

Artizan was born in Madrid in 2009, I was 24 years old and I just arrived from Caracas.


Although I wanted to pursue my career as a publicist, life turned out that I started ARTIZAN instead.At the beginning we imported jewelry made by artisans from Margarita Island in Venezuela.We went from shop to shop to makes offers to them.  It was super fun! Of course we walked the streets of Madrid every day.Then I had the idea of making my own designs and that’s when I stepped out from a business and it turned into a passion.We were in the jewelry fairs in Madrid, Paris and NYC. When I returned to Venezuela, I started my atelier with 7 awesomely talented girls, which they still work with me to this day and they are the ones who make this all possible. We have been in Miami for the past  2 years but our atelier is still in Venezuela.

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