How to Resize a Ring

Whether someone gifted you a ring that’s not your size, or you simply have a ring that no longer fits like it used to, then you’re probably thinking about resizing it. Whatever the reason, you’ll be happy to know that you can reduce or enlarge a ring very easily. 

Here’s everything you need to know about resizing a ring.

How Are Rings Resized?

To resize a ring, the most recommended option is to take it to a jeweler. And our advice is to bring it to the same store you bought it from. The original store will be familiar with your ring already, and it’s your best chance to make sure the ring’s integrity and original design is preserved.


How To Make A Ring Smaller

The professional process to reduce the size of a ring includes cutting out a piece of the ring band and forming it into a perfect circle. After that, the two pieces are joined back together. Finally, they will clean the ring and ensure no oxidation is left from the process. 

The trick to making a ring smaller without damaging the ring lies in the heating process. The metal needs to be heated to a temperature that’s perfectly balanced between hot and cold. 

If it’s too cold, working with it will be impossible. But heat it more than necessary, and the chemical components of the metal can change completely. 

This is why your best option is to take it to a professional.


How to Temporarily Resize a Ring At Home

If you want to make a ring smaller but don’t have the time to take it to a jeweler, you can try some methods to temporarily resize a ring. 

For example, you can find different types of ring size adjusters on the market, including sizing beads, horseshoe-like inserts, rubber stickers, and silicone coils.

One of the most convenient ring adjusters is silicone coils since they are crafted from soft rubber and will not damage your ring. They are a temporary solution, so you can remove them whenever your ring feels tight enough.

Using a silicone coil is a foolproof way to reduce your ring’s size. It does not involve any special tools or skills to attach it to a ring. You only need to clip it on the ring and turn it until it covers your ring’s shank or band.

You can buy silicone coils in many sizes. Thicker coils will help you tighten your ring more.


How to Make a Ring Larger

The method to enlarge a ring can vary depending on the course of action the jeweler chooses. They can try shaving some of the metal from the inside of the ring, making the width of the ring band thinner. 

However, if the ring needs to be increased more than a half-size, the jeweler will cut the ring band and add an additional piece to the ring. After that, the ring will be filed down and cleaned to make sure there are no imperfections. 

How Long Does It Take for Rings to Be Resized?

This normally depends on the jeweler, but overall, the ring resizing process can be done in just a few hours, or it can take a few weeks. It all depends on the metal, the intricacy of the ring, and the jeweler you are working with. The most common time frame varies between 3 to 7 business days. 

What Types of Metals Can Be Resized?

Rings made of Gold, Sterling Silver, Bronze, Brass, Palladium and Platinum can be resized, although Sterling Silver and Platinum are not the easiest metals to work with.

Stainless Steel, Titanium and Tungsten are trickier materials. Resizing a stainless steel ring is possible, but since it’s a very hard and durable material, it is more challenging than resizing rings made from softer metals like gold or silver.  


If you gave your bride-to-be a ring that was bigger than her size, you don’t have to worry. Or if you got yourself a ring and mixed up the sizes, it’s nothing to lose sleep over.

You know now that it is possible to resize any ring to make sure it fits perfectly. 

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