How to Clean Your Jewelry Like a Pro

21 Feb 2022

If you have old silver or gold/silver plated stainless-steel jewelry, they’ve probably lost some of the original sheen that made them so beautiful. Don’t throw them out just yet! It’s easy to get them looking good as new. Not only do you need to know how to revive this type of jewelry but it's also good to know about daily maintenance in order to not to reach this point. (Daily maintenance is super simple and it will apply when you’ve used the jewelry or every once in a while to maintain its sheen). 

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The Ultimate Guide To Layering Necklaces

18 Feb 2022

With the temperatures dropping and the wind picking up, you might find yourself wondering how you can incorporate your jewelry in your outfits during colder months. Well, the answer to this riddle is quite simple. Layering! Be it fabrics or necklaces, layering can help you add some spice to your final fit without overdoing it.

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How to Stack Bracelets with Style: Your Personal Guide

14 Mar 2022

Bracelets are some of the most useful, versatile pieces to have in your jewelry collection. Why? The answer’s simple. They can completely transform a simple outfit, especially when styled well. 

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