How to Create a Capsule Jewelry Collection You Love

We’ve all heard of capsule wardrobes and how helpful they are when it comes to shopping for your personal style and creating outfits that have you feeling fabulous. However, what’s lesser known is the importance of a capsule jewelry collection and how it can elevate your style and personal aesthetic and beautifully complement and complete your everyday and formal occasion looks. If looking through your jewelry collection has left you feeling uninspired and wanting for something different recently, we’ve put together a guide on how to create a capsule jewelry collection you love so you can shop with intention and build a jewelry collection that makes your heart sing. Let’s dive in!

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Why Do You Need a Capsule Jewelry Collection?

Jewelry is personal, it reflects your personality, showcases your creativity and by wearing items that you love, it can bring you joy. A capsule jewelry collection doesn’t just refer to classic items, it’s all about curating a collection that you’ll wear and love for the long-term. By investing in jewelry that is meaningful to you and that fits into your lifestyle, you can build a diversified collection, so you have go-to pieces for every occasion. By having your perfect blend of minimalist and maximalist, classic and trending, simple and colorful jewelry pieces, you can explore the full spectrum of your personal style and have fun getting ready every day. The most important thing is to have fun with your jewelry collection, it is your way to frost yourself after all.

How to Get Started

Before adding to your jewelry collection, we recommend doing some preparation. Start with auditing your jewelry collection. Go through each item and determine what you love and want to keep, as well as the items you no longer wear that require decluttering, and either give those away to family and friends, or donate them to your local charity. During your auditing process, notice which items you wear the most and which items you love but don’t tend to wear, this gives you great insight into the wearability which is an important component when it comes to shopping.

Now that you’ve curated your current collection and the only items remaining are those that you love and wear regularly, notice any gaps in your collection. For example, do you mostly have earrings and necklaces? It might be time to build up your bracelet and ring collections to restore balance. Or have you noticed that most of your collection features statement pieces, but you rarely get dressed up enough to warrant wearing them? Now is a great time to buy more everyday items.

Another important question to ask yourself is if your current collection matches your personal style. If you’ve owned most of your pieces for many years, they may no longer reflect the current trends or how your style has evolved. Think about how you can improve your collection. This may mean adding more color or timeless pieces that form the basis of your jewelry looks.

And lastly, get inspired! A great way to do this is by perusing our Pinterest  and Instagram for inspiration on how to style different pieces from different categories and collections together. You can even check out our tagged photos for inspiration from our community.

Now to the fun part, let’s go shopping!

Striking Necklaces

Necklaces are classic jewelry essentials and a fashion faithful designed to accent your neckline and enhance your everyday and special occasion outfits. Whether you’re into bold and distinctive necklaces with a masculine vibe like our heavy chains in gold and silver or you love exciting and keepsake necklaces with a more feminine vibe like our tennis necklaces featuring sparkling zirconia’s, we have something we know you’ll love. Our necklace range features both individual necklaces for a simple everyday look that you can wear with everything from a casual white tee to your favorite maxi dress, to layered necklace sets that do all the styling for you making it super easy to look fashionable and put together to head out the door in seconds in the morning.

Trendsetting Bracelets

Can’t get enough of wrist candy? Bracelets are attention grabbing statement jewelry whilst also being a timeless treasure in your capsule jewelry collection. Whether you love to follow jewelry trends or have your go-to signature wrist stack that you wear no matter the occasion, you’ll find your perfect accessory in our Artizan bracelet collection. With options ranging from classic and delicate like our tennis bracelet and single stackable bangles, to dramatic and edgy stacks that will have you mixing metals like a pro and showcasing your fashion knowhow. Which bracelet or set are you lusting over?

Unique Rings

During your jewelry collection audit, did you find that your collection was lacking in the ring department? Don’t worry, at Artizan, we’ve got you covered with accent and unique rings that will add eye-catching sparkle to your looks. With meaningful rings like our Twin Ring, and contemporary designs like our Ardent Ring, our range features contemporary and elegant designs that are flirty and flawless, as well as being at affordable prices so you can stock up on your favorites, and purchase for your friends and family too.

Sleek Earrings

Amp up your ear party and round out your earring collection with our eye-catching designs. Dare to dazzle with our bejeweled earrings or standout in style with our climbing earrings and huggies in all finishes and colors. Build on your foundational elements with simple hoops for every day and add small diamond cuffs and solo earrings to personalize the look. Ear cuffs are perfect if you only have one piercing but want to achieve the statement stacked look. We love how versatile earrings are for creating different combinations every day or stick to your tried and true and develop a signature look.

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Intricate Anklets

Now that we’ve covered all the classic jewelry categories, it’s time to diversify into innovative items to dress to impress. Small, unexpected details are everything and that’s why we love anklets! Chic and charming, they’re the perfect accessory to add a decorative element to everything from sandals to your favorite heels. Like our necklaces and bracelets, we have a range of styles from singular anklets in gold and silver, to sets featuring different chains and pendants for a dainty one-of-a-kind accessory.

Artizan Joyeria

We hope our How to Create a Capsule Jewelry Collection You Love has inspired you to update and curate your jewelry collection to get more creative with your everyday and special occasion looks. We’re all about conscious shopping and we know you’ll love investing in pieces that you can mix and match to create endless outfit combinations to standout with style. Make sure to browse through our website for more options you’ll love.

To stay up to date with everything Artizan Joyeria, our latest drops, styling tips and advice, make sure to follow us online on Instagram @artizanjoyeria. Plus, if you’ve found the perfect addition to your collection, we offer free shipping on all US orders. Happy Shopping!

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