Top 5 Hottest Jewelry Trends for Summer 2024

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? You probably think of fun, playfulness, and long days by the beach, right? So do we. Summer is all about feeling lightweight, toasty, and breezy, and that’s what summer fashion is all about. 

But no summer outfit is complete without jewelry. 

Fashion runways were filled with all sorts of jewelry staples this year, and we’re starting to see them pop up in celebrities’ street styles. But if you’re still wondering what are the top summer jewelry trends this year, we’ve got you covered. 

In this article, we’ll dive into the hottest summer jewelry trends in 2024 to help you figure out what to wear this season. Let’s dive in. 


Summer is all about getting a healthy sun-kissed glow on your skin. To complement your new tan, you don’t have to limit yourself to gold-tinged pieces. You can let the beachy vibes take over and wear some gorgeous pieces inspired by coastal elements like turquoise blue waters.

You’ve got that right — we’re talking about seashells! Necklaces, bracelets, and anklets made from shells look absolutely stunning and they’re fairly easy to dress up or down depending on what you have planned for the day. They have a delightful boho, beach-babe charm, but if you’re looking for more formal, fancy jewelry, you can never go wrong with pearls!


The fashion runways were clear about one thing: summer is about layering all of your necklaces—from chokers to chains and everything in between.

This is the perfect season to pair your favorite bikini with an edgy necklace set that will look stunning in your beach-day selfies. You get extra points if you get a mixed-metal set!


The big and bold trend has been rising steadily since last year. Whether it’s chunky hoops, bold chains, or statement bangles, this trend shows no sign of slowing down. 

You can go big and bold with color, size, or design while letting your carefree spirit show.

For a more subtle take, you can layer a few simpler pieces of jewelry. The Amelia layered necklace set is a good example. It brings together a mixed-metals look to make a statement while maintaining a classy, stylish look. 


Ear cuffs were seen all over the runways this year, and already it’s becoming one of this year’s biggest trends. The great thing about them is that they allow you to create stunning ear stacks without needing to pierce your ears. They are comfortable, stylish, and incredibly versatile. 


There are loads of other styles that you’re bound to see this summer. Pick and choose your favorites as you go shopping:

  • Pinky Rings: Whether as small or larger statement pieces, pinky rings are all the rage right now.
  • Punk Designs: Balance the softness of your favorite summer dresses with a touch of punk to let your edgy side show.
  • Vibrant Gemstones: If you love summer and vibrant colors, choose jewelry that features different-colored gemstones so you have sparkle and color at the same time.
  • Beaded Jewelry: There are so many beautiful beads out there. Whatever your preferences, you’re bound to find a design that will make you a fan of beaded jewelry.

Just remember that the most important accessory is your confidence. So, whatever makes you look and feel gorgeous is what you should be wearing this summer!


Whatever your summer plans, the clear blue skies and bright sunshine will make you feel divine. Taking inspiration from these jewelry trends will help you look like it too!

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