10 of the Hottest Jewelry Trends Everyone will be Wearing in 2024

The jewelry you choose defines your personal style and 2024 will be a year of bold statements. The pandemic has dulled our moods for three long years but now we are ready to get back into the social scene wearing interesting, maximalist statement pieces. Jewelry trends for 2024 point to brightly colored stones, thick layers, chunky stacked sets, and unique takes on classic styles. Read on to find out which jewelry trends the experts are excited for this year. 

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Stack it Up

Minimalism was sooo 2023! This year’s hottest trend is stacking to the maximum. Create a maximalist style with gemstones, precious metals, and statement pieces. Make a statement by mixing and matching hoops, huggies, and studs. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even add a new row of ear piercings this year! Stack several bangles, charm bracelets, and cuffs together into a sexy sleeve. One ring on each hand? In 2024, consider rocking one ring on each finger! Don’t be shy because more is better when it comes to stacking.



Shine With Silver Jewelry

The demand for silver jewelry is on the rise in 2024. Most notable are silver bangle bracelets, extra-wide silver hoop earrings, and silver statement rings for middle fingers. Classic silver styles can be seen everywhere from fringe earrings to delicate charm bracelets. Silver jewelry is affordable and has a timeless appeal so it’s no wonder it is making a comeback in 2024. Retailers are seeing a demand for both contemporary and vintage-inspired designs. 

Silver mixes well with another hot trend of the year, cool-toned emeralds. Consider mixing the two colors together as a set of emerald green stud earrings then finish off the look with a matching emerald-cut ring.


Go, Green!

Emeralds are a must-have in your jewelry line-up for 2024. Strong and stylish, emeralds have always been the birthstone of May babies but are now on-trend for everyone. Hang them from dainty chains or dazzle at night wearing a chunky set of statement earrings. Do not be shy about layering and stacking emerald pieces to add texture and interest to any outfit. Emeralds match well with neutral colors like black, white, and brown for a pop of color. A bit of emerald is sure to set off any outfit day, or night.


Layer Your Necklaces

Add amazing dimensions to your favorite outfits by layering necklaces in 2024. A favorite trend among jewelry lovers is creating bold looks with different necklace lengths. Layering is as stylish as it is statement-worthy. Layered necklaces allow you to mix and match materials, colors, lengths, and thicknesses to create dramatic looks. Feeling more understated? Choose multiple lengths of delicate chains to wear on bare skin.


Achieve Great Lengths with Drop Earrings

Want to rock an ultra-modern vibe for 2024? Try extra-long drop earrings down to your shoulders. Sometimes referred to as “shoulder drops” or “shoulder dusters” these earrings take dangling to the next level. Versatile and beautiful, shoulder duster earrings are making waves on the catwalks and in the stores. Styles feature pearls, tassels, mixed metals, and gemstones. They will make a statement when paired with jeans or your favorite black dress.


Timeless Classics Never Go Out of Style

Timeless jewelry pieces of all kinds are making a comeback. No wardrobe in 2024 is complete without statement necklaces, drop earrings, and diamond solitaires. All ages continue to love wearing tennis bracelets, diamond studs, and cuff bracelets this year.

Be sure to take your grandmother’s pearls out of the drawer because some classics will never go out of style. Pearls are on runways and city streets in 2024 giving outfits just the right amount of sophistication. Whether you go oversized or extra-small, pearls are perfect for any occasion. They transition your outfit from the office to brunch to cocktails with minimal effort and maximum style.

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Signal Your Style with Signet Rings

Considered a classic piece of jewelry featuring a wide flat surface, the signet ring is perfect for trendsetting in 2024. Often seen as an extension of your own unique heritage or identity, signet rings are making a comeback but have a rich history from before the 1800s. Customize yours with your initial, a beautiful gemstone, or display a vintage crest or signature.


Add a Cuff and Leave the Sleeves Behind

One of the most versatile jewelry trends of 2024 is the cuff bracelet. They are highly versatile and able to be worn with any outfit. From sporty to chic, the cuff is one of this year’s favorite accessories. Stack cuff bracelets together for a bold, mixed metal look or wear them alone for a simple, elegant appearance. Cuff them from wrist to bicep because shirt sleeves are optional. They come in many colors, metals, and styles. Try mixing hardware, gemstones, and charms to create amazing statements around cuff bracelets for a powerful effect.  

Fire Up with Reds

Red is a vibrant color that celebrates strength, so why not work it into your enamel, center stones, and beaded ombres? From tomato-colored amber earrings to fire opal statement rings, this 2024 jewelry trend is about versatility. Magenta and garnet can be worn alone or as statement pieces. Layer and stack red jewelry with any metal for a brilliant color statement that compliments many palettes. Incorporate bits of red beading, shells, and rhinestones into your accessories for an effortlessly bohemian look.   


Mixed Metals

While the demand for silver may be on the rise, gold will always have a place in any jewelry box. The best news for jewelry enthusiasts in 2024 is that mixed metal pieces are more popular than ever! Mix gold and silver necklaces together and create a contemporary look that works with all skin tones. There are no rules this year as designers embrace mixed metals by stacking gold and silver bracelets next to each other. Popular trends will include two-tone rings, charms, and necklace pendants. Mixed metal pieces add interest to your outfit and allow your personal style to shine.  

The Bottom Line

Whether you prefer classic, contemporary, vintage, or punk make sure to choose new accessories with your current wardrobe in mind. Jewelry elevates every aesthetic so let your personalized style shine in 2024. Keep function in mind but be open to playing with unexpected style combinations. Trends come and go but jewelry is a personal purchase that can last a lifetime and should make you feel great.


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