10 Types of Jewelry Chains

Whether you love dainty or statement pieces, jewelry chains are fashion essentials that glam up your outfit and enhance your look. These foundational pieces of jewelry are available in an array of styles ranging from timeless to modern. So, you can pick one or many to go with your style.

Our guide covers the top 10 jewelry chain types that you must know about to help you come up with your next look. But first, let’s learn what chains are.

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What Are Jewelry Chains?

Chains are simple pieces of jewelry generally worn around the neck. They essentially refer to chain link styles that can be seen in everything from necklaces and earrings to bracelets, anklets, and rings. They comprise a series of links joined to create a string.

You can wear chains alone or with a pendant or charm. You can also mix and match multiple types of chains to create a layered look.

10 Types of Jewelry Chains

Learn about the 10 most popular types of jewelry chains below:

1. Box

Also known as Venetian chains, box chains consist of a smooth string of interconnected cubed links that create a boxy look. These symmetrically crafted and sturdy pieces deliver a stunning visual allure, making them a must-have among chain lovers. They are also comfortable to wear for long hours and go well with other chain styles, offering wearers unlimited styling options.

Thin and delicate box chains are ideally worn with pendants or charms. But you can also pair chunkier versions with these chain accessories for a bold look.

2. Cable

Cable chains are a classic and well-loved open-link chain style fashioned from interlocked oval or round links. They have simple and uniform construction that resembles the iron chains used to anchor ships. They come in many chain lengths, allowing you to pick one that suits your style.

Cable chains also have different variations, including round, flattened, and those that have a pendant attached. They can be worn on their own or have charm jewelry attached to them. You can also dress cable chains up or down for different outfits, making them versatile choices for everyday wear.

3. Cuban

A twist on traditional cable chains, Cuban chains feature closely-set oval links that are thick and durable. They have added decorative detailing in the form of a winding rope-like design embellished in the links. These weighty chains are ideal for everyday styles and will help you make a bold statement.

4. Curb

Curb chains have close-set interconnected circular links that lie flat and have uniform sizes. Their flattened and twisted links make them look like Cuban chains, but curb chains are not as heavy and dense. Nonetheless, they are durable and fantastic for daily wear.

You can buy these chains in various widths—ranging from fine to chunky—to suit your styling needs. One popular version is the diamond-cut curb chain with faceted links across the surface, giving them a professional and polished finish.

5. Paperclip

A paperclip chain features elongated interlocked links that look like looped paperclips. Their links vary in length and thickness, but their loose structure makes them an ideal foundation for charms or layering with other jewelry.

6. Snake

Also called the Brazilian chain, a snake chain gets its name from its snakeskin-like appearance. Its unique scale-like texture is the result of linking tightly fitting chain rings together to create a flexible tube.

This semi-rigid chain style is typically smooth, sleek, thin, and delicate—perfect for standalone wear or incorporating with pendants and charms. It is comfortable to wear and does not tangle or catch on clothes.

7. Rope

Rope chains have intertwined strands of gold that make them appear like ropes. They are a popular chain style that combines durability and luxury. Their twisting patterns create a dazzling effect when light reflects off their surfaces.

Using metals like yellow gold and silver together in rope chain designs enhances their appeal and makes them a sought-after style.

You can buy them in varying thicknesses and tightnesses which determines their prices. Tighter weaves use more metal which leads to higher prices.

You can wear thick rope chains to highlight their rope patterns. Meanwhile, thin and delicate versions are generally stacked for a layered look or worn with pendants.

8. Figaro

Originating in Italy, Figaro chains are a classic yet bold style. They feature a series of two to three round or oval links that are small and short with a bigger link between them. Their flattened interlocking links sit flush against the skin when worn. This unique, non-uniform construction increases the durability of these chains and makes them go perfectly with pendants, medallions, and charms but they can also be worn on their own.

9. Herringbone

Herringbone chains have intricately overlapping links that look similar to the herringbone pattern. They are thin and sleek, making them prone to twisting and kinking.

10. Wheat

Wheat chains are timeless designs that combine texture and nature. They have similar designs to rope chains. The difference is their braided or woven uni-directional oval links that are made to resemble wheat stalks, giving them their name. Wheat chains are available in rounded and flat designs. You can also get them in different profiles and weights.

These chains feature flexible, semi-rigid yet sturdy construction, making them solid attachments for pendants and charm. They can be worn solo as statement pieces.


If you’re on the lookout for new ways to glam up your look and complement your outfit, jewelry chains are an excellent option. You can get them in varying patterns, metals, and styles, giving you lots of ways to style them.

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