How to Style Gold and Silver Jewelry Together: A Guide to Style Mixed Metals

There was a time when wearing gold and silver jewelry together was a hard no, but things have changed since then (and we couldn’t be happier about that). The myth that mixing metals is a “style faux pas” is now just that – a myth.

Gold and silver can look stunning when worn together. It adds a touch of interest to your outfit and allows you to express yourself through your style better.

However, mixing jewelry is more complex than it sounds. That’s why we created this simple styling guide to help you create seamless looks donning mixed metals. Here are our best tips to create the perfect balance of gold and silver jewelry.

1.   Go for balance

If you’re not sure about how many pieces of silver or gold you should wear, a good rule of thumb is to keep things balanced. For example, if you like wearing bracelets and rings, try to mix one or two bracelets of each metal so one metal won’t overpower the other.

Then, you can do the same with your rings. This would be a better alternative than wearing gold bracelets and silver rings.

Depending on the texture and width of your bracelets, you can add more pieces to achieve a symmetric look. In the photo below, we stacked 3 gold bracelets with 2 silver bangles, since one of the gold bracelets is very thin. This gives the stack a much more complete appearance.

2.   Stack and Layer

As you saw in the first tip, it will always be better to layer and stack your pieces to create a visually interesting look when mixing metals. For instance, layer multiple necklaces around your neck or wear more than one ring to create different combinations.

When it comes to layering pieces you already have in your collection, we recommend mixing and matching different options to find the pieces that go best together.

For necklaces, opt for different lengths to avoid tangling, and make sure the charms you select go well with one another. To create a beautiful ring stack , mix different textures and sizes.

Here’s some inspiration for you:

3.   Consider the color of each piece

The tone of gold and silver can vary depending on the composition of the piece. Gold pieces, for example, can be yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and so on . To create a seamless, cohesive look make sure the colors of your pieces match. Your layers will look best when all gold pieces have the same tone, and the same goes for the silver pieces.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mix yellow gold with rose gold, for example, since it could create an interesting combination when done well. However, if you are mixing yellow gold and silver, make sure that all of your gold pieces have the same yellow tone for best results.

4.   Choose a uniting color or gemstone

An easy way to tie gold and silver pieces together is by having the same element featured across all of them. This element can be an accent color or a specific gemstone. This will give your look a theme, and it’s easier to recognize which pieces can go well together.

5.   Tip: Find mixed metal pieces

As you get more comfortable with mixing gold and silver jewelry, consider buying pieces that already mix metals to take the doubts out of your mind. With mixed metal pieces, you can be sure that the designer has carefully curated pieces that will look amazing together.

Our favorite example of this is our Herradura Layered Necklace Set, which includes 4 different mixed metal necklaces that look amazing together.

Hopefully, you now feel motivated to go and try different combinations with your jewelry. At Artizan Joyeria, we focus on designing high-quality, accessible pieces that inspire you to express your individuality and defy the norm. You can find multiple mixed metal pieces across our different collections.

If anything, you can use our designs as inspiration to go and create your unique combinations! 

The More You Know

Can I Wear Mixed Metals Earrings?

Absolutely! You can mix silver and gold earrings if you want to create a stylish, modern look. Build an earring stack that combines pieces of both colors. For example, you can mix gold hoops with silver stud earrings and a statement ear cuff.

Is Mixing Metals a Jewelry Trend?

Yes! The trend of mixing gold and silver jewelry started picking up speed in 2023, and will certainly be everywhere throughout this year. Expect to find the mixed metals jewelry trend in dual-metal pieces or layered combinations.

What Does Mixed Metal Jewelry Say About a Person?

Mixing metals in your everyday jewelry is the perfect way to communicate you’re confident, independent, and have a fashion-forward sense of style. People who wear silver and gold jewelry together tend to be more open-minded when it comes to new fashion trends and aren’t afraid to try new styles.

Is It OK To Wear Mixed Metals Necklaces?

Yes, wearing silver and gold necklaces together is okay. It’s one of the jewelry styles we most recommend! It’s the perfect center point for every outfit, and it’s a beginner-friendly way to start mixing metals in your everyday jewelry.


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