Evil Eye Color Meaning

The “evil eye” is a legend that dates as far back as 3,000 BC. Rooted in several cultures across the globe, it is based on the belief that a person can cast a powerful, evil gaze with ill intentions that can cause harm, misfortune, or injury to someone.

The main traits associated with the evil eye are jealousy, envy, and the power of thoughts and intentions.

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To ward off the superstitious effects of the evil eye, evil eye amulets, talismans, and jewelry (sometimes referred to as nazar), are used. These come in different colors and each color is believed to have its own unique powers.

Let’s explore what they mean!

Evil Eye Colors: What They Mean and When To Wear Them

While the evil eye offers protection from harm, different colors enhance specific characteristics and are meant to address different issues. Knowing what each color means can help you pick the right one for your needs.

Here are the most popular evil eye colors:


The red evil eye symbolizes protection, strength, and courage. It can help you get rid of negative energy while enhancing positivity in your life.

If you’re looking to make a big life change or going through any kind of turmoil, a red evil eye will help you face the situation head-on. It can boost your confidence to overcome anxieties and fear while protecting you from bad luck.

Dark Blue

This shade offers protection from bad karma and fate. It promotes a sense of peace, tranquility, and calm.

If you need serenity and want to rid yourself of the worries and chaos of the world, this will be beneficial. It also encourages healthy communication.

Light Blue

The light blue evil eye can help you broaden your horizons, expand your worldview, and encourage self-acceptance. It’s the perfect talisman for periods of transformation and times when you need to keep an open mind and heart.

If you’re looking to spread your wings and explore new avenues, the light blue evil eye is for you.


Meant for enhancing and protecting your happiness, the orange evil eye also encourages creativity and playfulness. This is a beautiful talisman if you need encouragement to feel a sense of strength, determination, and courage.

Dark Green

Similar to the balance and joy of being in nature, the dark green evil eye enhances good vibes. It can help you feel grounded and happy and is perfect for when you want to take a break and feel free.

Light Green

Meant to herald good health and success, the light green evil eye can also help you fulfill your dreams. You can become spiritually and mentally healthier, and bring you the extra luck you need to make your dreams a reality.


The purple evil eye enhances the imagination to help remove obstacles from your path. It can help you lead a content life and get your creative juices flowing.

Yellow or Gold

Meant to protect you from exhaustion and bad health, the yellow or golden evil eye can help you feel more energetic. You will be reminded to rest and unwind by taking time for yourself and focusing on self-love and self-care.


The color of the earth, brown evil eye acts as a shield against harsh elements and natural disasters. It connects you to nature and is great for outdoors—it will enhance your experience and have an uplifting effect.


The pink evil eye provides contentment, openness, and a confidence boost to help you feel fulfilled. You can feel more open-minded, especially in matters of love.


Symbolizing purity and clarity, a white evil eye is great if you’re looking for focus or a fresh start. It can also help you get rid of tangible and mental clutter, so you can feel more organized.


Meant to offer encouragement during periods of sorrow or grief, the gray evil eye can be a comfort if you’re going through loss, failure, or a period of sadness.


Evil eye jewelry can be a great way to enhance your style quotient and look like a fashionista while also enjoying the protection and benefits of the evil eye talisman.

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of the evil eye while being fashionable, Artizan Joyeria has everything you need!

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