Is 925 Silver Better Than Rhodium Plated Jewelry?

If you love your jewelry, you should have seen several comparisons between Rhodium Plated jewelry and sterling silver pieces.

Both are popular options with distinct advantages and disadvantages, But they do have similarities. Both bring a beautiful shine to your jewelry pieces; it is practically impossible to tell them apart. In most cases, people who choose between these two base their choices on the intended use and personal preference.

This article compares the two types of jewelry to see which is better. But first, let's take a closer look at these two metals.

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Rhodium-plated and Sterling Silver Jewelry

Rhodium is an expensive and extremely valuable metal. It is even more expensive than gold and is usually a byproduct of mining platinum. This means it is rarer than platinum and more expensive too.

Rhodium-plated jewelry is made of a base metal such as brass or copper, then coated with a thin layer of Rhodium. Rhodium is great because it is not prone to tarnishing and has a bright and shiny appearance.

Because of how similar rhodium-plated jewelry pieces are to silver jewelry, they are great choices for someone who wants that silver look without the hard work needed to maintain it.

Sterling silver, also known as 925 silver, is a type of silver that is 92.5% pure, hence the name. The remaining 7.5% is made up of other metals, like copper, added to improve durability.

Why is Sterling silver a great option for jewelry? It is affordable and offers a classic elegance that is difficult to achieve with other metals. But sterling silver isn't all roses without thorns. It requires a certain level of maintenance because it is prone to tarnishing.

Rhodium-Plated And 925 Silver Jewelry: Similarities

Rhodium-Plated and 925 silver jewelry share a few similarities beyond the fact that they are popular metals for making jewelry.

They are durable and resistant to tarnish, one more so than the other. They offer a lustrous shine and are used to make jewelry pieces that are elegant and classic.

However, this is where the similarities between these two metals end.

Rhodium-Plated And 925 Silver Jewelry: Differences

Rhodium and silver jewelry share some similarities, but they are very different. One is a pure metal coating on a base metal, while the other is an alloy. But the difference doesn't end here. Let's look at some details that set Rhodium and sterling silver jewelry apart.

The Cost

This is probably, the most distinctive feature between rhodium-plated and sterling silver jewelry. Rhodium is currently the most expensive metal in the world, which means even though it is just a coating, rhodium-plated jewelry is more expensive than sterling silver.

Silver remains the most affordable precious metal, and we must remember that 925 sterling silver is less than 100% silver.

This disparity in price is because Rhodium is a rare and expensive metal, while silver is much more abundant. However, the price of rhodium-plated jewelry can vary widely depending on the quality of the plating and the thickness of the layer.

Let's put this in a clearer perspective; an ounce of sterling silver costs slightly above $20, an ounce of platinum costs more than $1000, and an ounce of Rhodium costs about $14,000.

Appearance And Reflective Property

Rhodium has a finish akin to a mirror, meaning that rhodium-plated jewelry pieces have a diamond-like sparkle. While sterling silver has a beautiful shine, its sparkle does not come close to that of Rhodium, even after polishing.

Sterling silver also has a whiter appearance compared to Rhodium's grayish appearance. Rhodium's shininess also means that it has more reflective properties than 925 silver. Rhodium has a reflectivity of 70%, which is high compared to silver's 40%.


Sterling silver and Rhodium are both sought after because of their durability. However, Rhodium has a harder surface than silver, which offers more protection from dents and scratches than silver.

However, note that Rhodium is mostly used as a plating, which might soon wear off, leaving your jewelry more susceptible to dents and scratches than sterling silver.

Rhodium's hard protective surface also prevents oxidation, so rhodium-plated jewelry is not as prone to tarnish as sterling silver.

Because sterling silver is prone to tarnish, you have to pay special care to it if it is to remain at its best.


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Hypoallergenic Properties

Pure Rhodium is hypoallergenic and so will not induce an allergic condition. On the other hand, 925 silver contains nickel, and a few people are allergic to this.

Note that pure silver, like Rhodium, is hypoallergenic but many people do not like jewelry made from pure silver for several reasons. So they go for alloys like 925 silver. If you choose 925 silver jewelry, ensure you are not allergic to nickel or other constituents.


925 silver has a purity rating of 92.5%, while rhodium-plated jewelry has a purity rating of 99.9%. The lower purity level makes sterling silver less durable than Rhodium which is why they are not typically used for high-end jewelry pieces.

Rhodium's high purity rating means it is more durable and resistant to tarnish, wear, and tear. Many high-end pieces of jewelry are made with Rhodium.


Rhodium is a member of the platinum group, and it shares the same clarity as the other metals in this group. Sterling silver does not have this level of clarity; hence your 925 silver might have a cloudy appearance or give off a yellowish hue.

Which Is Better, 925 Or Rhodium-Plated Jewelry?

The answer to the question of which is better, 925 silver or rhodium-plated jewelry, depends on individual preferences and intended use.

If durability and longevity are a priority, 925 silver may be the better choice. It is a more durable metal that is less susceptible to scratches and dents than rhodium-plated jewelry. On the other hand, if a bright, shiny appearance is more important, rhodium-plated jewelry may be a better option as it is less prone to tarnishing.

It is also important to consider the cost factor. 925 silver is generally more affordable than rhodium-plated jewelry. However, the price of rhodium-plated jewelry can vary widely depending on the quality of the plating and the thickness of the layer.


We have taken a closer look at rhodium-plated and sterling silver jewelry. Both have their pros and cons, offering different benefits.

25 silver is affordable and has a classic appearance, but requires regular maintenance. Rhodium-plated jewelry is more resistant to tarnishing but is more susceptible to wear and is generally more expensive.

With this guide, choosing between the two metals should be easier.

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