How to Make a Ring Smaller

If you have a ring that no longer fits your finger, you may have to resize it so that you can wear it again. You might have lost weight recently, received it as a gift, or prefer to wear it on a bigger finger.

Whatever your reason, you can make your ring smaller—temporarily or permanently. If you want to permanently resize your ring, you have to visit a professional jeweler. Meanwhile, temporarily resizing a ring involves less tricky methods that you can try at home.

You must also determine how small you need your jewelry to be. If you need to tighten the ring by more than half a size, it’s best to take it to a professional jeweler. However, if the size difference is less than half, you can resize it yourself.

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We share six tips to help you make a ring smaller using methods you can try at home.

Top 6 Tips To Make a Ring Smaller Without Resizing

Here are our six favorite ways to reduce a ring size without permanently resizing it:

  1. Using a Silicone Ring Adjuster

You can find various types of ring size adjusters on the market, including sizing beads, horseshoe-like inserts, rubber stickers, and silicone coils.

One of the most convenient ring adjusters is silicone coils since they are crafted from soft rubber and will not damage your ring. They also offer a temporary solution, so you can remove them whenever your ring feels tight.

Moreover, using a silicone coil is a foolproof way to reduce your ring’s size. It does not involve any special tools or skills to attach it to a ring. You only need to clip it on the ring and turn it until it covers your ring’s shank or band.

You can buy silicone coils in many sizes to suit your tightening needs. Thicker coils will help you tighten your ring more.

  1. Knotting the Ring Band

Another way to quickly make a ring smaller is by tying a knot in the ring’s band. Depending on the material of the band, you can use thread, floss, or monofilament fishing line to tie a knot.

After choosing one of these materials, push one of its ends into the band and tie a knot around itself. Secure both ends by tightening them and applying nail glue or superglue. It will make your ring size smaller by around a quarter to half an inch.

Ensure you test it first before wearing it since a few ring bands cannot handle much tension and may break. You can also tie multiple knots in the band for extra security and tightness.

  1. Squeezing the Prongs

Squeezing a ring’s prongs is another simple way to make a ring smaller. Hold your ring by its edges and carefully squeeze the prongs of the stone set in it to hold it in place. Exercise caution when doing this since excessive pressure may lead to breakage.

After squeezing the prongs as much as you can without breaking them, give them additional compression using a pair of pliers. It will keep the stone in place and ensure a better fit. If you find this method challenging, take your ring to a jeweler who will adjust the size for you quickly and safely.

  1. Using Tape

Using tape is another fantastic method for tightening a ring. It needs a lot of patience, but you can use it to get the job done with minimal materials.

First, measure your finger’s circumference and then your ring’s. Wrap thin strips of strong adhesive tape like masking tape tightly around the ring’s inner portion. Slightly overlap the layers to secure them. Keep adding layers of tape until you get the right fit.

While this method is great, avoid using it for extended periods because it can ruin your ring’s color.

  1. Putting Loops on the Band

One of the best methods to temporarily resize a ring is to create loops on the ring’s band. You can use this simple trick to get a snug fit without taking it to a jeweler for adjustments.

To use this method, get some sturdy wire and a pair of pliers. Measure the ring’s size. Then, cut a piece of wire slightly longer than the ring size. Using the pliers, twist both ends of the wire into small loops and allow them to overlap in an “S” shape. Next, push the loops onto the ring’s band and keep them in place with a bit of glue or solder.

  1. Using Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is a plastic tube that can make large rings smaller. This tube shrinks upon exposure to heat, so you can use it to reduce a ring’s size.

To use heat shrink tubing for resizing a ring, cut the tube and make it slightly bigger than your finger’s circumference. Move the tube over the ring and use a hairdryer or another heating device to apply gentle heat. Keep doing this until the tubing shrinks and becomes secure around the ring. It will make the ring fit better on your finger.

While doing this step, avoid overheating the ring since it may get damaged. After you’ve finished shrinking the ring, use scissors to cut off any extra tubing.


There are various ways to resize a ring without damaging it permanently. The safest and best way is to get a professional jeweler to resize your ring since they have special tools and techniques for this purpose. But if you prefer doing it yourself, you can try any of the methods we suggested.

Whichever resizing method you pick, ensure that the resized ring is comfortable enough to wear and doesn’t become too tight.

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