Infinity vs. Eternity Rings

When it comes to expressing everlasting love and commitment through jewelry, rings are a top choice to be a symbol of one’s devotion. And among the wide varieties of rings available, eternity and infinity rings are particularly popular choices.

Both the eternity and infinity rings hold significant meaning and make wonderful gifts for many special occasions. They can be used as a promise ring, an engagement ring, a gift for a special occasion, or simply a way to say “I love you.”

Though the two rings sound similar, they aren’t actually the same. Let’s delve into the symbolism and styles of these two rings and what sets them apart, so you can find the perfect ring for your loved one!

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Infinity Rings: What They Are and What They Mean

An infinity ring, as the name suggests, typically features a prominent infinity symbol. It is shaped like a horizontal figure eight (∞). Despite being a mathematical symbol, it holds a lot of sentimental significance, too.

The word “infinity” is derived from the Latin word “infinitas” or “infinitus,” which means limitless and boundless. In the late 14th century, the French also used the term “infinite” to describe large quantities.

Even today, the word continues to be used to refer to anything that has no limit. Mathematically, it refers to something that cannot be quantified easily — like love.

The infinity symbol is now used to express eternal devotion, affection, and boundless love with no end. Its shape perfectly captures this; it has no evident beginning and flows or loops without a definitive end. The infinity symbol is, therefore, a great way to signify being together forever.

Rings can incorporate the infinity symbol in several different ways, particularly if you get creative with the infinity design:

  • Double infinity: This symbol shows two infinities interlocking with each other to symbolize two individuals dedicating themselves to each other to create their own infinite universe.
  • Heart infinity: The heart infinity is a very popular variant and is represented with an infinity symbol wrapping around a heart to symbolize eternal, endless love.
  • Double heart infinity: This symbol is a creative, romantic spin on the traditional infinity and looks more whimsical, too. The loops of infinity are turned into a heart to express infinite love.

Infinity rings are incredibly versatile, offering a lot of scope for creativity when incorporating the design into your jewelry. You can subtly include it with the shape of the band slightly mimicking the symbol or explicitly place the symbol where the center diamond or gemstone would go. The possibilities are endless, or should we say infinite!

Eternity Rings: What They Are and What They Mean

Infinity and eternity are two very similar concepts as they both refer to endlessness or limitlessness and are often used interchangeably. However, they aren’t the same, particularly in terms of jewelry designs.

Eternity rings are rings with a gold or silver band that is embellished with diamonds or other precious and semi-precious gemstones all around. They are used to symbolize endless love and eternal devotion, which is relatively similar to an infinity ring.

While most eternity rings typically have stones placed all around them, half eternity bands with gemstones only embedded in the front half of the ring have also become popular today. It provides the appearance of a full eternity band while using fewer stones, thereby making it a more affordable option.

Eternity rings are believed to have originated in ancient Egypt, around 4,000 years ago, and were considered to be a romantic token meant to mark special occasions. They rose to popularity in the 18th century among suitors who used them as promise rings encrusted with vibrant, colored gemstones.

In the 1960s, the eternity rings as we know them today were popularized by De Beers, also known for coining the phrase “a diamond is forever.” This was a time when a single diamond was typically used in an engagement ring, but the De Beers wanted to avoid stockpiling diamonds. So, they used several small diamonds in a single band, and the product was marketed as a celebration of their union, aimed at older, married women. Diamonds became the popular go-to stone choice associated with eternity rings after the success of the De Beers campaign.

Infinity Vs. Eternity Rings: Which One Is Appropriate For The Occasion?

Rings are more than just a piece of jewelry. In most cultures, they are symbols of love, affection, devotion, and commitment. While they can be used platonically for friends and family, certain rings are usually associated with romantic partners and couples — such as eternity and infinity rings.

If you’re looking to get one for your partner, you may be wondering which of the two is a more appropriate style based on its history, symbolism, and occasion.

Generally, there are no rigid rules to adhere to, and you can select whichever ring you please for the occasion. However, you may wish to know what is historically or traditionally associated with each ring.

Eternity rings are usually used by couples for:

  • Important anniversaries
  • The birth of the first child
  • Milestones in the marriage
  • Vow renewals
  • Celebrating their union in general

Infinity rings are typically used as:

  • Promise rings
  • Engagement rings
  • Anniversary rings
  • Christmas or birthday gifts

However, you don’t necessarily have to wait for an occasion to give your beloved a symbol of your affection. A ring is a great way to give them a pleasant surprise on any day!

Final Thoughts

Eternity and infinity rings differ in their style as well as the occasion they are traditionally meant for. However, both have a similar message, allowing you to choose which one more appropriately expresses your eternal, endless love and devotion.

While typically used by couples, it’s not necessary that you have to wait for your partner to give you an eternity or infinity ring. You can show some love to yourself by getting your own ring! At Artisan Joyeria, we have a wonderful array of all kinds of rings for you to choose from, including eternity rings. Visit our website and show yourself or your loved one the depth of your devotion!

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