The 5 Best Layered Necklace Sets To Buy In 2024

Layered necklaces are one of the strongest trends we’ve seen lately. You can easily find celebrities wearing necklaces sets for red carpets, Instagram stories, and even during casual pap-walks. 

There’s nothing quite like the effortless vibe of a layered necklace. When the chains and pendants are stacked in perfect balance, they make you look stylish in one go.

But the truth is that layering is trickier to master than you might think. Length is one of the most important factors since more necklaces are best displayed when they are gradated. Texture also plays a role – every chain should be different but complementary.

The good news is that you can skip the trouble of putting together your own necklace set; some amazing jewelry brands out there have taken the time to create perfectly-styled necklace sets for you.  

That way you can focus on choosing the perfect outfit to go with your jewelry, knowing that your snake chain, tennis necklace, and pendant are layered together in perfect harmony. 

Keep scrolling to see a curated list of the best layered necklace sets to buy in 2024. 

The Herradura and The Snake Layered Necklace Set

The snake chain has gained popularity in the last few months, and it has quickly become a much-needed piece in almost every necklace set. Pair it with the iconic Herradura necklace, which has taken over our Instagram feeds, and a delicate lightning bolt pendant, and you get the perfect necklace set. 

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Just Click Emerald Tennis Necklace 

This layered necklace set has everything you need: a stunning tennis necklace (which every woman should have in her collection), a bold gold chain with stylish charms, and to top it all off, the accessory of the year: an emerald pendant. This necklace set makes it easy to get all the hottest necklace trends in one fell swoop. 

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Up High Necklace Set 

If you like dainty necklaces and delicate pendants, this is the necklace set for you. It features two slim chains and a mixed-metal necklace, with two start-shaped charms that add a bit of spark. The result is a delicate, elegant necklace set that you’ll want to wear with every outfit. 

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Herradura Layered Necklace Set

If you fully believe in the phrase “the more, the merrier,” then you’ll love this necklace set. The Herradura Layered Necklace Set is one of our top sellers for a reason: it features 4 separate necklaces that you can wear alone or together, and its mix-metals look keeps places it at the top of this year’s hottest necklace trends. If you’re new to layering necklaces and are just looking for a necklace set that you can mix and match, this is the one for you. 

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Triangle Necklace Set

Bold, edgy, and stylish, the Triangle Necklace Set is best used with your favorite blazer and ripped jeans. Putting it on feels like a power move; the perfect confidence boost we need now and then. This set includes four separate necklaces. It seamlessly combines gold and silver to create a balanced look. 

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Final Thoughts

If you’ve been thinking about adding a layered necklace set to your jewelry collection, you should know there’s no better time than now. If you’re tuned to the fashion world and what celebrities like Taylor Swift, Bella Hadid, and Margot Robbie wear, then you know necklace sets have become one of the hottest staples in the last few months. 

Shopping at Artizan Joyeria is the best way to find affordable, luxurious necklace sets that you can easily add to your collection. You can find all of these layered necklaces and more at 

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