Style Inspo: 11 Tips to Create the Perfect Ring Stack

News Flash! The layered jewelry trend is here to stay (and it’s not going anywhere). We are firmly in the age of more is more, and our in-house designers at Artizan Joyeria are loving every minute, expertly curating stylish, ready-to-wear looks that are playful and unique. 

When we think of elevating an outfit with jewelry, many of us think about bracelet stacks (or, as we like to call them, wrist parties) and/or necklace layering sets. But there’s one underrated area that is ever-so-slightly neglected - ring stacking.

Having a hand-heavy jewelry look can give a really cool, polished look to an outfit. While a ring stack may, at first glance, seem more subtle than, say, a statement necklace set, the reality is that we use our hands all the time. Hand gestures let us express ourselves, complement our words, and perform everyday tasks. So, let’s make our hands shine!

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“What are the rules for stacking rings?”, we hear you ask! Well, our philosophy at Artizan Joyeria is that there are no strict, need-to-follow rules. For us, jewelry is synonymous with experimentation. It’s about showing your personality, being free and being yourself.

However, that’s not to say we don’t have a set of very useful tips for you! (Come on, we’d never leave you hanging). 

Read on for our top 10 tips to create the perfect ring stack:

  • Keep your nails neat and clean.
  • Mix and match metals.
  • Balance is key.
  • Include a statement ring.
  • Stack on both hands.
  • Vary the position of the rings on your fingers.
  • Wear different weights and shapes.
  • Mix in some stones.
  • Incorporate your pinky finger.
  • Take pictures.
  • Have FUN!

Keep your nails neat and clean.

Stacking rings is going to bring attention to your hands, so we recommend making sure your nails are clean, shaped, and well-manicured, even if you prefer not to have them polished. 

If you are a fan of polished nails, a pop of color can bring extra glam and attention to your jewelry styling, elevating your look even further.

How to Stack Rings Artizan Joyeria Ring Stacking

Mix and match metals.

It’s no secret - we’re big fans of mixed metals at Artizan Joyeria. Mixing metal hues is one of the most simple and effective ways to bring edge and a contemporary feel to your outfit (and we’re obsessed with the way it looks).

One thing you shouldn’t forget: spread out your metals evenly! Wearing all gold jewelry on one hand and all silver on the other? Nope, the assignment was not understood. Ensure that both hands feature a mix of metal hues to achieve the perfect balance.

Balance is key.

Whether it’s metals, color, weight, texture, or the chunkiness of your pieces, balance is absolutely key when it comes to jewelry styling; ring stacking is no different. 

Play with the balance of your hands, stacking different numbers of rings on different fingers. Our top tip? Always leave at least one finger per hand bare, for a stylish contrast.

Side Note: some rings (like that one you’ve been sending those not-so-subtle hints to your boo thang about) are made to be shown off. This might mean you don’t want to overwhelm that hand with multiple rings or stacks. We get it - that’s where balance comes in! Simply stack up the other hand.

Include a statement ring. 

No two people’s jewelry style is exactly the same; some favor delicate pieces, while others go for bold and chunky. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

Regardless of where you stand, it’s a great idea to feature one statement ring in your stack. Use it as an anchor and style the rest of your rings around it. This really helps to ground your look. 

Stack on both hands.

We’re just gonna say it: your hands require equal love and attention. That isn’t to say you have to put the exact same number of rings on each hand, of course (or try to mirror your look!). You just don’t want one hand being totally bare (and lonely, and crying itself to sleep at night, wondering what it did to hurt you…)

Vary the positions of the rings on your fingers.

Ever heard of a midi ring? This is a ring that doesn’t slide all the way down to your joint, but rather sits midway up your finger. These tend to be fairly simple, band-style rings, such as this one.

Incorporating levels and high-low positioning of rings on your fingers adds great volume and visual interest to a ring stack. We personally love a midi ring on the middle finger.

Top Tip: You don’t have to go out and buy a branded “midi ring” to achieve this type of look; either choose an adjustable ring, or purchase a size smaller than your usual, and there you have it.

Wear different weights and shapes.

As with all layered jewelry looks, the best ring stacks involve fun, experimental mixtures of weights and shapes. Try mixing thicker bands with thinner ones, or smooth bands with textured ones (braided or knotted rings). 

If you’re new to stacking, wearing a range of delicate and dainty pieces can be an easy, less intimidating way to start off. As your confidence grows, you can play around with more statement pieces.

Mix in some stones.

Mixing in a couple of rings that feature stones (be that colorful or silver-white stones) with your plain bands can be an excellent way of spicing up your ring stack, and drawing the eye to certain pieces.

Emerald is currently trending, and we can’t get enough of its stunning deep green hue.

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Incorporate your pinky finger.

While this may seem obvious, it’s important not to forget about our littlest finger when it comes to ring styling! Incorporating a pinky ring can be a super pretty way to give depth and volume to your ring stack.

We personally love featuring a chunky gold ring on our pinky finger, as opposed to a more delicate band.

Take pictures.

Found a ring stacking look that you absolutely love? Take a picture of your hands so that you can recreate it! There’s nothing worse than getting it just right and then forgetting that magic formula.

Keep a folder in your photo library that you can easily turn to for jewelry styling inspo - you can thank us later.

Have FUN!

The most important tip of all when it comes to stacking rings; have fun while you’re doing it!

When all is said and done, jewelry is about expressing yourself, your individuality, and your personal style. Enjoy the process, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

What Type of Ring Stacker are You?

The Minimalist

You love jewelry and playing around with different pieces, but generally have a pretty low key style. Your ideal ring stack is full of thin, delicate bands that give a barely-there, cool girl look.

The Middle Ground-er

Depending on your mood, you enjoy throwing the occasional bold, statement piece of jewelry into the mix, in and amongst your more laidback pieces. When it comes to ring stacks, you like a happy medium with a variety of textures, weights and metals.

The Bold Stacker

For you, more is definitely more; go big or go home. You love to incorporate large, statement jewelry pieces into your everyday looks, for extra flair and personality, and you’re not afraid to experiment. Chunky ring stacks, galore. 


Does Stacking Rings Damage Them?

As a general rule, rings are more likely to become damaged if there is direct friction against a different metal that is more or less resistant than them. For example, softer metals (such as white gold) may not fare well next to stronger, harder metals like platinum, with the possibility of rubbing and scratching. 

The most effective way to prevent damaged jewelry is to buy pieces made from durable, tarnish free metals (such as the lower karat Gold, Rhodium, and Stainless Steel).

How Long Does it Take to Build a Ring Stack?

Building a collection of rings takes time; and this is actually a good thing! Your style develops and evolves with time, so buying pieces you love bit by bit is the best way to ensure a well-rounded and timeless collection.

Don’t be afraid to get started with a few, core pieces and gradually build as you go.

Rings Sizes for Stacking

Ring sizes are measured according to different scales depending on where you are in the world; while the United States tends to use a sizing scale of 5-12, the UK uses letters, France uses millimeters, and so on and so forth.

If you don’t yet know your ring size, go into a local jewelry store and ask to be measured; this is almost always a complimentary service, and is quick and easy to do. Alternatively, you can find at-home Ring Sizers on many large online platforms, such as Amazon and Ebay. 

The right ring size for you is one that sits comfortably and snugly on your finger without slipping, but that can be removed without a lot of tugging or resistance. 

And there you have it - a comprehensive ring stacking guide for all your jewelry layering wants and needs. We hope these 10 essential tips help you to create the perfect ring stack that you can wear with confidence. Feel like shopping rings? Check out our collection here.



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