How To Wear a Tennis Bracelet With a Watch

A tennis bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry usually made with diamonds and a precious metal. Tennis bracelets can also be made with zirconia and stainless steel for a more accessible piece. Its timeless allure appeals to the stylish woman. While it has always been a coveted staple that adds flair to the outfit—be it formal or casual—we can’t deny it’s particularly divine when layered with a fashionable timepiece that can mimic its hot girl energy.

Provided you wear it right, of course. 

This stylish and practical combination has enamored the fashion-forward for a hot minute, but few know how to style the duo for a look that steals hearts.

Allow Artizan Joyeria to change that.

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But First, Let’s Find the Right Tennis Bracelet for You

There are many types of tennis bracelets, but these are our top favorites:

  • Bezel Tennis Bracelet: Characterized by round-cut diamonds between 2 to 10 carats with the metal completely surrounding the stones, this simple but beautiful style brings security and practicality to the fore. Since each diamond is set individually, it holds them a little better than most designs.

  • Channel Tennis Bracelet: Designed with two rows of thin metal that go on either side of precisely-cut diamonds (typically princess or baguette), holding them snug within their groove, this style is best for keeping the diamonds in place in a line, creating a sleek look that appears infinite.

  • Multiple-row Tennis Bracelet: Featuring two or more rows of diamonds (because simple is—well—boring for some fashionistas), this style can be made with a prong or bezel style for a wow factor. It’s perfect if you’re into layering but hate the hassle of fidgeting with one too many jewelry clasps.

  • Prong Tennis Bracelet: This is the classic choice for most as it’s a single–line piece, but most don’t know it can be adapted. You can ask for a two-, three-, or four-prong (metal) basket to hold natural or lab-created diamonds in place. Though more prongs in a basket translate into more securely held diamonds, a two-prong basket is best for highlighting their sparkle.

Note that while many tennis bracelets are embellished with diamonds, they can incorporate other precious stones as well. Bracelets that use cubic zirconia, for example, offer the same sparkle without the hefty price tag. Stainless steel bracelets are another practical option. Unlike other materials, they retain their shiny appeal and don’t tarnish.

If you’re new to this accessory, go for bracelets that can be adjusted. You don’t want to buy a beautiful piece only to find that it fits too loosely or too tightly over your wrist. A well-fitting tennis bracelet also ensures that it complements other bracelets you choose to wear it with.

How To Wear a Tennis Bracelet With a Watch

A tennis bracelet worn with a watch is a beautiful and practical combination. Here are some factors for wearing them well at the same time.

Experiment With Different Colors

Choose a color-consistent stack to attract the eye or get creative with complementary colors (found on opposite sides of the color wheel) for an eye-popping contrast.

If you’re going with the latter, experiment. Seriously. You’ll thank us later.

White diamonds are commonly used to make tennis bracelets of all types but they’re not the only precious stones that bring these beauties to life. You can also find ones with bright-colored options like emeralds, sapphires, moonstones, and aquamarines—perfect for adding color to a plain outfit!

Consider the Material

Most people consider mixing and matching metals between tennis bracelets and wristwatches a fashion faux pas but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Choosing the same metals (gold with gold, platinum with platinum, silver with silver, and so on) creates a sleek, sophisticated, and put-together look. It screams old money and is one of our favorite ways to wear this pairing.

But, if you’re not a fan of same-plated jewelry, you can mix metals for a striking look.

The alternative is to wear a watch with a leather or athletic-style strap (it goes great with any tennis bracelet), though you can also go for a fabric strap that matches your outfit for a cohesive look. It will keep all eyes on the prize—the tennis bracelet—and help you avoid issues like scratches, transfers, tarnishing, and other damage that occur when metals rub together.

These are just guidelines. You can experiment with different styles to complement your personal aesthetic. After all, you know what they say: “Fashion you can buy, but style you possess.”

Learn the Art of Balance

You can stack your tennis bracelets on the same wrist as your watch; just make sure they’re not too loose, or they will overshadow the watch and interfere with its readability. It’s also a good idea to go for a formal watch (even a smartwatch will work!) instead of a luxury one—say, Swarovski, Cartier, or Bvlgari. Their alluring craftsmanship will take all the attention away from your expensive fashion accessory.

If you don’t want to take the risk, you can create a more symmetrical look by opting for a sprinkle of diamonds on the bracelet. Or, shift the tennis bracelet to the opposite wrist instead of wearing it close to the timepiece to create even “visual weight.”

Aim for balance. Each wrist should have the same number of accessories. As a rule, one should not look heavier than the other.

Size Matters

Can you wear a wristwatch with a tennis bracelet? Absolutely.

With this pairing, weight and width balancing are key. Consider the size of your wrist before incorporating a tennis bracelet and watch in your everyday wear. Otherwise, it will make one arm look shorter than the other.

For a balanced look that doesn’t stick out, try to pair dainty with showy. For example, if your watch is bulky and guaranteed to grab all the attention, don’t wear a wide tennis bracelet on the same wrist as it will create visual clutter.

If you must create pairings, use a dainty, single-line jewelry piece instead. Or, if you want to wear a bracelet similar in size to your wristwatch, wear one accessory on each wrist. Still, try to ensure that the bracelet is slimmer than your watch pairing to add a layer of style to your look without compromising aesthetics or comfort.

A great surefire solution is to choose a set of bracelets that are designed to be worn together. Artizan Joyeria offers the Core Stack, a set of three stainless steel bracelets that will look great with your wristwatch.

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